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WL-WN578HR2 WAVLINK S2H-N300 AP Extender Router Setup

Wavlink WL-WN578HR2 Aerial S2H-N300 Setup

WAVLINK AERIAL S2H-N300 is a multi-mode feature-rich repeater that can eliminate all your Wireless range dead zones in your workplace. Wavlink repeaters are known for multiple modes, Aerial S2H-N300 is no different. Wav-link Aerial S2H-N300 can work as Access Point, Router, and Extender. It complies with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards for wireless transmission. Aerial has dual powerful antennas that provide better range and performance. WL-WN578HR2 S2H-N300 comes with a one-push WPS button for easier transmission as well. It is a good option for looking for a repeater with Multi-purpose options. Let’s start the Wavlink WL-WN578HR2 S2H-N300 Setup via WPS-

AERIAL S2H N300 setup via WPS

WAVLINK AERIAL S2H – N300 has different modes and each mode have different setup as well. We can go through each step through the following steps. First, we can check how to setup your Extender using the WPS button. To connect via the WPS button, you need to check whether your Standard router also supports WPS. You can check it in your Router manual or contact your ISP-

  • After testing your router and repeater, Connect your WN578HR2 S2H-N300 to the Power outlet which must be in the range of your standard router.
  • Change the position of antennas which can receive maximum strength. You can get a detailed video about re-position of antennas in online media.
  • Search and Find the ON/OFF Switch and turn ON the repeater.
  • Wait few seconds to lit solid green on the Power indicator of your Wavlink WL-WN578HR2.
  • Look for the convenient Mode Selector sliding switch and push towards extender.
  • Now press the WPS button on your repeater for a few seconds.
  • After checking whether WPS indicator lits, Press WPS button on the standard router.
  • Please wait a few minutes with the WPS indicator turns solid.
  • Repeater restarts after a few minutes.
  • Wavlink S2H-N300 Extender switches to your standard router’s WiFi name SSID_EXT.
  • Using the router’s user credentials, you can easily connect your devices to your Extender.
  • Unplug and relocate your aerial repeater and antennas to attain maximum coverage and performance.

Wavlink Aerial S2H-N300 High Power Wireless Setup via Computer/Laptop/Phone

  • Check and Open your Wavlink Extender.
  • Power your aerial s2h-n300 repeater through the electrical outlet.
  • Make sure the connected outlet is in the router range and your antennas are positioned in a good way to achieve maximum signal.
  • Look out for the convenient mode selection slider and push towards “Extender”.
  • Toggle ON your Desktop/phone Wi-Fi and open it.
  • Connect to the SSID “WAVLINK-N” or “Wireless-AC”
  • From the connected desktop or cell phone, Open any web browser.
  • Open the URL Field and type the following address- “” or “ap.setup”
  • Open page using “admin” as a username and password.
  • Continue by clicking “Repeater”.
  • In the list, you can see three rows on it.
    a) Top one -Current SSID of the WAVLINK AERIAL EXTENDER.
    b) The Last row- Extended SSID of the AERIAL S2-N300.
    c) Middle one – WiFi Password.
  • Enter WiFi credentials of your router.
  • Your Router and Extender connection is now successful.
  • When the WLAN indicator stays on from flashing, proceed to the next step.
  • Unplug and relocate your WL-WN578HR2 S2H-N300 repeater in the way which can achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Connect any number of devices and Enjoy high-speed data transfer.

Wavlink WL-WN578HR2 S2H-N300 Setup as Access point Mode

Wavlink Aerial Extender can be used as Extender, Access Point, and Router as we said earlier. To use your Extender as an Access point, you just need a standard router, internet connection and any standard browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We can go through the Access point setup with the subsequent steps.

  • Unbox your S2H-N300 High Power Wireless device and Power it via an Electrical outlet.
  • Position your antennas to achieve maximum performance.
  • Slide the Mode selection sliding switch towards “Access Point”.
  • Locate the LAN port in your Wavlink WL-WN578HR2 S2H-N300.
  • Insert a standard network connectivity cable into the port from the router to the repeater.
  • Turn ON your WiFi network and connect to the “WAVLINK-N” or “Wireless-AC”
  • No password required the first time, so proceed and move to the homepage.
  • Open any standard web browser.
  • Open the URL Field and enter following URL- ”″ or “ap.setup”.
  • Enter page by entering “admin” as default username and password.
  • Please wait a few seconds to create another Wireless Network.
  • When the Wireless LAN indicator switches to stays on from flashing, It indicates your setup is completed.
  • Enjoy your better and efficient Wi-Fi Experience.

WL-WN578HR2 WAVLINK AERIAL S2H-N300 High Power Wireless Setup as Router

  • Plugin your repeater to the nearest electrical outlet through the power port.
  • Reposition your dual external antennas to achieve greater reach.
  • Switch ON your Wavlink WL-WN578HR2.
  • Please wait few seconds until POWER LED lights solid green.
  • Insert a cable from your Modem to the port which has written “WAN” which can be seen in the lower right corner of the repeater.
  • Open your device WiFi settings and connect to the Wavlink Aerial Extender WiFi network.
  • WiFI Network name is “WAVLINK-N”.
  • You can log in without any password for the first time.
  • Open any standard web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox and Enter URL field.
  • Enter URL “” or “ap.local”
  • Type “admin” as a username and password.
  • Select the router from the Wizard options.
  • In this window, select one out of three options.
    a) The automatically configured IP address by a DHCP server, then choose Dynamic IP.
    After that customize your Wi-Fi SSID and password.
    b) Provided such as “subnet mask”, “IP address”, “Default Gateway”.
    Then select Static IP after that customize your Wi-Fi SSID and password.
    c) Protected via account name and a password by your ISP.
    Please choose PPPoE after that customize your Wi-Fi SSID and password.
  • After a few seconds, the setup will be finished. You can connect devices and start browsing.

How to change WAVLINK AERIAL Login Password?

As earlier mentioned, the default password of your device “admin”. It’s recommended to change to a strong password. It’s better to find a strong password with more than 10 letters and consist of alphanumeric values. This is the step by step process to change your login password to a stronger one.

  • Open any web browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Enter http://ap.setup/ via this web browser URL field.
  • Click “CHANGE PASSWORD” in the settings menu”.
  • Enter your old password and new stronger password in the respective fields.
  • Press Apply and your password is changed.
  • If you want to change the password again, repeat the steps. It’s recommended to change the password every 90 days.

How to Firmware Upgrade WL-WN578HR2 AERIAL S2H-N300?

Firmware Upgrade is an easier way to update and make your repeater faster, safer and stay up to date. It can fix bugs on your Wavlink Aerial Extender. It’s not recommended for the already smooth running repeater as it may cause unwanted problems.

  • Open any web browser and download the latest firmware file for your Device by entering Model number.
  • Enter URL ““. from any web browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Please select the file via the file explorer.
  • Press the Apply button on the menu.
  • Please wait a few minutes to upgrade your firmware.
  • Your setup finished now.

How to restore to factory default settings.

Please Power the device before reset steps begin. Press the Reset button on the repeater and it will restart soon with factory default settings. Click here to download Wavlink WL-WN578HR2 S2H-N300 Pdf Manual

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