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Setek WiFi Range Extender

Are you anxious about boosting WiFi signals? You are probing for a device that maximizes your prevailing WiFi network into the Wi-Fi dead zone. As well, you can handily do it with the help of a setek wifi extender setup. If you don’t deem how to set up the Setek WiFi Range Extender, don’t trepidation. I will furnish you with some quick steps, through which you will be able to deem how to how to setup setek wifi extender step-by-step.

The Setek WiFi extender is the device that offers a brisk or mighty network connection for your home. Moreover, it is a Wi-Fi signal booster networking device usually used to amplify the feeble signals and maximize the prevailing Wi-Fi range in a no internet area. In addition, this range extender is equipped with four high-power antennas that ordinarily transcendent to robust the network connection. The setek wifi extender proffers maximum wireless speed up to 300Mbps. To do so, you just need to perform the setup of the Setek Wi-Fi extender.

Ingenious steps for Setek WiFi range extender setup via WPS

The extender is easiest to set up with the WPS button. With this, this setup is accomplished very quickly.

  • Initially, you have to unite your Setek extender into a surge extension & AC joint a few feet away from the home Wi-Fi network that you’re likely to boost.
  • To switch ON the range extender, thumb down the extender’s power button.
  • Subsequently, ferret out the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on your range extender, and then hold for a moment.
  • At the same moment, also hold the WPS button on your home main router.
  • Thereafter, you will notice the WPS LED light of the Setek extender will flash green, which will imply that the connection has been established with your home router.
  • Additionally, the WPS LED of the Setek extender will turn solid green once the setek wifi range extender setup is concluded.

NOTE: For better W-Fi network connectivity place Setek extender from big appliances such as Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, AC, & many more.

And that’s it! The setup of the Setek Wi-Fi extender via the WPS button has successfully ended.

Setup Setek WiFi range extender with

In this setup, you need a website or IP address of the Setek extender. Here are some setek wifi extender setup instructions.

  • First of all, merge your PC or Smartphone to the Wi-Fi network connectivity in order to do the web-based setup.
  • Next, you have to select Mozilla Firefox or Safari on your WiFi network-joined device.
  • Now, you have to typewrite the setek setup website or, hit the enter key.
  • Thereafter, you need to mention the login credentials and instantly get the Setek range extender setup interface.
  • Later, the Setek extender’s setup interface will exhibit your Wi-Fi network list. You need to pick your home Wi-Fi network.
  • To thoroughly amplify the home Wi-Fi network, typewrite the home network’s password.
  • To include the web-based setup process, click the Apply tab.

Thus, with the aforementioned steps, you can readily finish the Setek WiFi extender setup.

Best Steps to authenticate the Setek Wi-Fi extender login page

To configure the different modes of the Setek extender, you need to login into the extender. On the below side, setek wifi extender login steps are mentioned.

  • You have to pick or launch a web crawler on your PC if that PC is joined to Setek_EXT.
  • Then, you have to click on the address bar and also typewrite http://192.168.10.
  • Afterward, the login interface of the Setek Wi-Fi extender will open in a few moments.
  • Therefore, on the Setek extender’s login interface, you have to concentratedly typewrite the setek wifi extender username and password.
  • You have to enroll the admin into the setek wifi extender password respective column.
  • Finally, to complete the Setek extender’s login process, click Log In.

Steps to Configure different modes in the Setek WiFi extender signal booster

Once the Setek extender is successfully logged in, you can conveniently configure setek wifi extender ap mode, access mode, & many more.

  • To do the Setek extender configuration, log in to your extender with the internet-based interface.
  • Once the Setek extender login page opens, you will witness the setup wizard.
  • On the setup interface, the mode section is available on the top side.
  • You have to click the mode section, and then this section will be open.
  • Later, the modes list will appear. To configure the setek wifi extender router mode, pick and enable router mode.
  • As well, enable access point mode, to configure setek wifi extender access point mode.
  • You can also configure other modes, by selecting their option.
  • Eventually, click the Apply tab.

Troubleshooting steps to tackle the multiple issues of the Setek WiFi extender

By pursuing the below setek wifi extender troubleshooting steps, you will be instantly tackling the bugs of the extender.

Restart the Setek extender:

If the setek wifi extender not connecting to internet, you can quickly tackle this issue by restarting the extender.

  • You need to make sure you use the updated Setek range extender firmware.
  • To restart the range extender, you have to go to the range extender and press and hold the power till the extender’s power is turned off.
  • Next, you need to disjoin the extender from the AC joint.
  • After a couple of minutes, you have to unite the Setek extender to the AC joint, again. Then, thumb down the power button. Now, the setek extender not working issue is also rectified.
Using Ethernet connection:

If you are facing a setek wifi extender keeps disconnecting error, so for that, you can adopt an Ethernet connection.

  • To establish the network connection, you must spot the Setek extender not far from the home router.
  • Next, you have to join the Setek extender’s LAN jack to the home router’s LAN jack via the network or Ethernet cable.
  • In the end, thumb down the Setek range extender and home router power.
Move the Setek extender location:

By repositioning the extender you can rectify the setek wifi extender blinking error.

  • If the Setek extender is a distance from the main router, then you need to make some changes in the position of the extender.
  • Please put away the Setek extender from some appliances that have a bad influence on the extender like Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, & many more.
  • You must spot the Setek extender near the home Wi-Fi router. By doing this, the setek extender no internet connection error is also rectified.
Factory reset of setek extender:

As well, you can also ingeniously rectify the error by doing a setek wifi extender factory reset. Let’s get started.

  • To factory reset the extender, you need to hook up the extender to the AC joint.
  • Next, you have to explore the reset button on the range extender to do a setek extender reset.
  • Now you have to glance at a small object and use it.
  • You have to press and hold the small object on the reset button. After this, the extender will be reset.
  • You can also perform a reset when the setek wifi range extender password not working.

Setek WiFi range extender firmware upgrade

Through the below setek wifi extender firmware update steps, you can handily upgrade the latest firmware.

  • Basically, log in to the Setek extender with a web-based utility or setek wifi extender ip.
  • Next, prior to starting to update the latest firmware, you need to reach the official website and download the latest firmware file.
  • There, open the setting of the Setek extender and ferret out the System Tools tab.
  • In the system tools, click and open the Firmware Upgrade tab.
  • Next, you need to meticulously upload the file in the respective column.
  • To upgrade the setek wifi range extender firmware, click the Upgrade tab.

Setek WiFi range extender review

In my point of view, the setek wifi extender review is better and transcendent than the other extender reviews. The topmost feature of this extender is a universal range extender. Which means that it can work comfortably with every WiFi router. In addition, the four high-power antennas are also built-in that are more beneficial to maximize or improve the Wi-Fi network performance. There are numerous features inside this extender. If you want to understand in detail then take the help of the setek wifi range extender manual. By pressing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button for a few moments, the setup is quick and uncomplicated. Thus, the Setek WiFi extender signals booster is an exquisite and outstanding networking device.

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