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MSRM US302 Wi-Fi 300Mbps Dual External Antennas Setup

MSRM US302 Extender Setup

In case you are looking forward to reducing dead WiFi zones in your home or office then MSRM US302 repeater can be a good choice for you. With the latest features like universal compatibility. Moreover, for this installation, you don’t require any CD you can straightaway access its set up via phone or laptop. For better performance, you can even setup MSRM US302 extender as an access point also, which will give you way faster speed just like your router. It has three LED lights on the front that stands for power, client status, and WiFi status. Let’s begin the configuration process-

US302 range extender setup via browser

  • Place the extender halfway between your router and the place where you want to boost the wifi.
  • Wait until the power light turns stable on the MSRM repeater, and grab your laptop/computer/phone, etc.
  • Go to the WiFi list and look for MSRM Default network name there. It might say “Wireless-N” or Wireless-AC”
  • Connect to that network name, at first it doesn’t require any password to get connected. Moreover, it will say “no internet” once you are connected to it.
  • Now once you open a browser the ap.setup wizard automatically comes up, in case it doesn’t open a browser and type http://ap.setup or in the address bar or URL of your browser.
  • Select the mode as repeater/extender and hit next. When asked for a username and password type “admin”.
  • Now select the network that you would like to extend and type its password.
  • Complete the setup and after that, the MSRM US 302 repeater will reboot which takes around 60 seconds.
  • Try to connect your devices to the new wifi network that you created (SSID_EXT).

US 302 MSRM repeater setup via WPS

  • This setup is easy and hardly takes around 15 seconds. All you have to do first of all is plug the extender in the same room as your router.
  • Once the power LED turns stable US302 repeater push the WPS button present on it. It kinda looks like two arrows rotating in a circle.
  • Now within 2 minutes push the WPS on the router and you will see lights will be blinking on both the devices
  • After successful configuration, the WPS on the router will stop blinking and on the extender, it will turn solid.
  • Now in your WiFi list connect your devices to the newly created extender network that is SSID_EXT with the same password as your router

Configure US302 repeater as an Access Point

In case you are looking for better speed transmission from this device then setting it up as an access point will the best option for you. For this you need ethernet cable as per your requirement. In case you want to you this extender 20 feet away from the router then use 20 feet long cable. Plug one end of the ethernet into the extender and the other in the LAN port on the router-

  • Now, connect your laptop/phone to the repeater’s wifi network i.e. MSRM network name in your WiFi list.
  • Once connected open a browser and type the IP address in the URL of your browser(chrome, safari, firefox).
  • It will take you to the setup page type “admin” for both username and password.
  • Select the mode as an Access point once asked on the screen and continue the setup.
  • Type the name you would like to give to your access point, its password, and its security type and hit next.
  • Once done it will apply the settings and will reboot for 60 seconds.
  • Now try connecting your devices with the new access point that you created.
  • Click here to download MSRM US302 Extender Pdf Manual.
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