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Loom WiFi Extender

The loom wifi extender is used to boost the router’s signals. This extender works with Alexa. The device is used to access the internet point for enjoyment. This repeater is well worked with the 2.4GHz radiofrequency. The loom wireless booster extends the range of the router to 2641sq.ft. area. It is a long-range amplifier with one Ethernet port. Most people control or manage this device with the mobile app of the device which is given by the company.

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The setup of the device is very simple because for the setup of the device you need to press only one button. The repeater’s design is modern. It is easy to install and provides wide convergence in your home for surfing the internet and playing games, etc. we can connect approximately 35 devices with the loom booster.
The device has 360° antennas for increasing the performance of internet coverage and has a faster internet chip in the device. 57% is the wide wifi coverage and 74% is the fastest internet speed out of 100%.

Features of the loom wireless range booster

To commence with, There are multifarious features of the loom wireless signals booster.

Easy to set up

It is easy to set up this device with one button. You need to press the one button and wait almost 1 minute to complete the process. The process is completed when all lights are blinking again.

Better connection

The internet performance of the device is very high and you can connect almost 35 devices with this extender through the wireless connection.

The USA designed

The device is designed by the USA with a 2.4GHz processor and 300Mbps internet speed. The security protocol of the device is WPA/WPA2/WEP to secure the device. This device is very safe for children. This is a sleek design and reliability plugin for every switch.

Reduce interference

This wifi extender can reduce or remove the interference of other devices from the way of other signals. Thus, the extender provides you a better convention for your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Advanced 3D Antennas

There are two antennas on the device and it helps to provide better internet network signals. You can rotate these antennas in 360° degrees.

Installation steps of the loom wifi range extender

To begin with, installation steps are given in the underlines. Follow these steps line by line.

  • Unpack the device from the box.
  • Then, choose the location of your device within the range of the router network and locate your device away from the electric appliance. Because these gadgets reduce the power of internet signals.
  • After that, Plug your extender in the correct power outlet and power ON the device from the side button.
  • Tap the WPS button of both devices to attach the network of the extender and router to Wait for 2 minutes.
  • When the LED lights are looking stable or solid. Then, your home network is connected to the extender network.
  • After that, ON your computer wifi. Then, open the network list. Click on the extender icon. Then, put the password.
  • After that, your device process is successful.

Steps to install the device without any problem.

Steps to Login to the Loom WiFi Extender

To trigger with, log in your device in the web browser perfectly with these mentioned steps in the below lines.

  • Click on the settings. Connect your smartphone to the extender network.
  • After that, Open the browser on your device like computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to log in.
  • Enter the IP address of your extender in the search option or you can scan the QR code for opening the login page.
  • After that, the web page is opened. Then, text the admin name and security key.
  • Tap on the login.
  • Then, follow the steps which are shown on the mobile screen.
  • Come to settings then, change the password for strong security.
  • Then, click on the save.

Enjoy, your loom wifi extender login process is completed.

Loom Wireless Range Booster Manual

To begin with, Here, I am talking about the question of the consumers regarding the device. Does it need to insert the SIM? How much area is covered by this device? My router does have a WPS button. What should I do? Can I plug in any switch? My neighbors connect your device with this? Can I connect up to 50 devices with the looming network? I turn OFF this device when I do not use this? Is it capable of extending the mobile hotspot network? Does it work with att gateway? My extender does not spread the network. How do I solve this problem? If any detail is not available in this manual. Thus, more guidelines are available there loom wifi extender signal booster manual. Later, I discussed the setup process of the loom extender.

Setup steps of the Loom WiFi Extender

To start with, the steps of the loom wifi extender setup are written in the beneath lines.

Connect the extender to the router manually:
  • Choose the perfect location of your device from the distance of modern devices because these devices reflect the internet range.
  • And place it in the open area within the coverage of the router network.
  • After placing the device, plug your extender in the electric switch.
  • Connect your device to the extender network. Then, open the web browser for the configuration.
  • Put IP address on the search option. After that, text the admin name and loom wifi extender password.
  • Tap on the login.
  • Then, select the network of your router.
  • Then, text the password of your router in the box. Wait almost 1 minute for the verification and put the right key. If you enter the wrong key, you need to reset your device.
  • After that, your device disconnected and the extender network is showing in the network list of wifi.
  • Then, come to the setting, click on the wifi. After that, tap on the extender icon for connection.
  • After that, text the security key and the security is the same as the router security key.
Use the WPS button for connection:
  • Locate your booster at the right place.
  • Power ON both devices, router, and extender.
  • After that, use the WPS button of your extender and router for the connection.
  • Then, tap the WPS button of the router and extender for 3 minutes.
  • After this, wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then, the extender LED lights become stable or solid, then your extender is connected to the router.
  • After that, ON the wifi of your device. Tap on the network name.
  • Then, put the key that is the same as the router key.
  • At last, tap on the connection.

These are the tips to operate the loom repeater.

Troubleshooting steps of the loom wireless repeater

Check the LED light of your device:

My device network is not attached to the booster network. Check the LED lights of your loom extender are blinking or not. Thus, it is not stable or not blinking.
To solve this, you should loom wifi extender reset. Found the reset button on your device. Then, take the pin and then, put the pin in the reset button for 10-15 minutes and the lights are blinking. So, your device lights are blinking and your device reset process has started. After completing the process, connect your device to the extender.

Check the location:

My extender is not providing strong internet signals. So, try to change the place of your extender. Place your device where any electronic gadget is not available. The electric gadgets affect the range of the extender and place your device within the network range of your router. Finally, locate your router in the open area and fix it on the right electric switch. Follow this guideline. Thus, your device transfers strong internet signals.

My device not connecting to the extender with the Ethernet cable:

For the wired connection, you need to modify the settings of your extender. Come on the setting, tap on the connection and select the Ethernet connection from the two options such as Ethernet and wifi connection. After choosing a connection, connect your computer to the router via the Ethernet cable.
These are the steps to solve the loom not working issues.

Loom WiFi Extender Review

My cousin brought this product from the market and he called me when he purchased this device from the shop. I arrived there in 10 minutes. he told me about this device. Want to purchase this extender for home. I check all the devices by taking them out from the box. Then, we purchased the loom extender. We went to my cousin’s home, plug it into the switch. We set up this extender according to the envelope. Thus, it works continuously. My cousin also advises me to buy this device. I read more loom wifi extender signal booster reviews on the internet. After 1 week, I purchased this device and I also suggested to many people about buying this loom repeater.

Loom wireless network repeater features;

The features of the extender are the USA design, reduced interference, advanced 3d antennas, easy setup, better connection.

Design of loom wifi repeater:

This device is designed by the USA. This is a very small device. We can easily fix this device in every outlet. The device takes less place for setup. This device is mainly purchased in white color.

Dimensions of the loom wireless router:

The item dimension of the device is 3 x 2.5 x 2 inches.

The specifications of the loom wifi booster:

The device is controlled through Alexa. There are two external antennas of the extender. The item weight of the device is 6.4 ounces. The item model number of the loom repeater is LOOM2021. B08YC2WXMM is the amazon standard identification number. The first time this device was was on 11 April 2021.

The loom wireless repeater price:

The repeater price is approximately is $39.99


Does it need to insert the SIM?

No, there is no need to insert this device for the internet.

Can I connect 50 devices to the looming network?

You can connect almost 34 devices with the loom device.

I turn OFF this device when I do not use this?

Yes, you can OFF the device when you do not use the extender network.

Can I put it directly to the switch?

Yes, you can connect your loom device to the power switch.

Can I plug in any switch?

Yes, you connect this device in every switch because this device is designed by the USA.

Is it capable of extending the mobile hotspot network?

Yes, this device boosts the hotspot signals. But I do not use this.

My router does have a WPS button. What should I do?

Initially, log in to your device. Click on the WPS button from the settings. And you can also contact the ISP.

How much area is covered by this device?

This device can provide coverage in 2641sq.ft.

Does it work with att gateway?

Yes, this device works with att gateway.

My neighbors connect your device with this?

Yes, your neighbor can connect their device with this extender network. But it depends on the distance and obstacles in the way of signals.

My extender does not spread the network. How do I solve this problem?

Try to contact the ISP of the loom wifi extender signal booster or try reset your device. To solve your problem.

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