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How Can I Troubleshoot Email Stop Syncing On Android?

Won’t your Email sync on Android? If yes, then don’t fret and know how you troubleshoot it by using several methods to get your emails back on your device.

Your mobile phone has been sitting inactive for a lot of hours, and you have not listened to a single notification for incoming emails. If this is distinctive, you might have a problem: your Android phone is conceivable not syncing your mobile phone Emails. Therefore, you are not acquiring any messages on your mobile phone.

Also, the issue can occur due to the misconfiguration of the network connection. To configure your device settings, you just need to go into the settings by using the Ip address. It helps you to access your wireless device web page and you can easily make a lot of network changes to operating/sync your Email easily on your Android phone.

Problems like this can cause you to skip out on vital emails, which can be pricey if you don’t fix them fast. Luckily, we will here guide you about troubleshooting ways to fix when your email does not sync on your Android device.

1. Make sure Computerized Email Sync Is Enabled

Plenty of email clients have computerized sync enabled. Through that, you can easily get various emails on your Android phone without any delays. Nevertheless, if you have sync switched off in the email app, you will stop receiving emails on your Android phone.

You can review in case this is why your emails are not syncing by allowing the auto-sync opportunity in your mobile phone email app. The Email app should then spontaneously look for new emails and allow you to know when a new message comes.

You can allow the auto-sync option from the Email settings menu of your email app. Here we give some points on how to do it in Gmail. Though the steps should be identical for most of the various email clients:

  • In the beginning, connect your mobile phone with an internet connection which gives you a proper network for using your Email.
  • After this, launch an Email app on your Android phone.
  • Wait for a second until it’s not launched properly on your Android screen.
  • Now, you have to locate in the top-left corner a hamburger icon and choose the settings option.
  • You just click on your Email account, in case you have a lot of other Email accounts.
  • Scroll down and ensure that your Gmail syncs or not. If not, then similarly tap on the enabled option.

2. Perform On Your Android Phone A Manual Email Sync

If automated Email sync won’t work on your Android phone for some reason, your mobile phone has the possibility to perform a manual sync. This causes your email app to sync, locate, and download various new emails to your mobile phone.

This choice functions exclusively like the standard sync, besides you, must manually move into the settings section and tap an option. Remember, meticulous steps differ from device to device. These are the following steps are given below for manually syncing your emails on Android.

  • In the beginning, you have to choose the settings app on your mobile phone.
  • After this, choose the Accounts option and choose your Email account where you have sync problems.
  • Now, you have to click on the Account sync option to consider all characteristics that you can sync.
  • Tap the three dots which are given on the top-right corner of your screen and choose Sync Now.
  • Your mobile phone will start to sync all kinds of data, including your emails.
  • If any further emails are available here, you should also verify them in your email client.

3. Connect A Precise Connection Of Network

If your Email does not sync on your Android phone, you need to confirm whether your mobile phone is connected with a good connection or not. If your mobile phone does not connect with your device network adequately, to connect it with a network just access the myfritz login web-based address, if you have a Fritzbox router. Make changes to your device’s wifi settings to connect its network to your mobile phone. After this, connect its network to your wireless device and get a faster connection of the network to your mobile phone.

4. Clear Or Remove All Your Android Device’s Included Storage

When your mobile phone downloads an email, it brings up some space on your wireless device’s memory. If you are running out of Android device storage on your mobile phone, that is presumably why your emails are not syncing (specifically when endeavouring to download an Android phone email with an extensive attachment).

5. Other Troubleshooting tips

Apart from this, kindly make sure that you have entered the accurate Email Id and password into the Email credentials. It allows you to sync your email account easily.

Also, clear or remove all the download unusable data, cache, and other data from your Email account. To troubleshoot the Email stop syncing issue, kindly update your Email account with the latest version, surely after this, you could use your Email account suitably.

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