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GALAWAY Mini WiFi Range Extender 2.4GHz Setup

Galaway Mini Extender Setup

Galaway extender provides you with WiFi speed upto 300mbps. With it’s two external antennas you can change the WiFi dynamics of yourhome WiFi as it helps to penetrate deep into your house or office. You can easily configure this extender to any of your working router as it supports universal compatibility. Most unique feature is that it supports three different modes namely, extender/repeater, router, and access point. Lets start the galaway 2.4GHz extender setup-

Setup galaway 2.4GHz in repeater mode via browser

  • First of all, for this setup make sure to toggle the mode switch towards “repeater”.
  • Plug the repeater in the same room as your router or they can be just 5-10 feet apart as well. This will increase their chances of getting connected faster.
  • Wait until the power LED on the repeater turns stable or solid green. Grab any of your wireless devices like laptop/cell-phone and connect them to the galaway repeater default network name i.e. Galaway_2.4GHz or Galaway_5GHz.
  • While connecting to this network for the very first time it won’t ask you for any password. After getting connecting it might show you “no internet available” under the galaway extender network name.
  • Now open a browser on the very same device and in the address bar of your (chrome, firefox, safari, etc) browser type ap.setup or for Galaway mini extender setup.
  • Once prompted for the username and password type “admin”, all lower case.
  • On the setup page choose the galaway wizard option and select the mode as repeater mode.
  • Now it will scan all the available networks in your area, choose the one that you want to extend. Also, when asked to, type the password for the same network.
  • After applying these settings your galaway 2.4ghz repeater will reboot and then you will be able to connect your laptop, computer, smartphone, smart tv, etc with the newly created extended network.
  • For best performance place the extender away from large appliances which can interfere with the repeater’s signals.
  • Also after setup the default name of the extender will be SSID_EXT(here SSID is your router network name).

Galaway Mini extender via WPS

  • Plugin your repeater into an electrical outlet in the same room as you router. The distance between galaway extender and your router should be less than twenty feet.
  • For Galaway mini extender setup, wait until the power/wps light on it turns solid green. Only after it is stable we will start the wps setup.
  • Push the WPS button present at the front of your repeater, press and hold it for around 2 seconds. Within 120 seconds press and hold the WPS on your router as well for around 2 seconds.
  • You will see blinking WPS lights on both the repeater and the router. It hardly takes around 10-15 seconds for the devices to get connected.
  • After a successful connection, the WPS LED on the repeater will turn solid green and you will see it coming up as SSID_EXT in your WiFi list. Here SSID is your main router’s WiFi network name. So, for example, if your network name is JamesWiFi then your extender after setup will show up as JamesWiFi_EXT.
  • Now you can unplug it and place it halfway between your router and the place where you face WiFi connectivity issues. Each time you unplug it, you don’t have to setup or configure the repeater again.

Setup Galaway 2 External antenna repeater as Access Point

Access point setup means you need to connect an ethernet cable between your router’s LAN port to the LAN port on galaway mini range extender. Access point setup on galaway repeater will provide you far better speed than it’s setup as a repeater. This is because WiFi signals are carried through an ethernet cable and transmitted to the place where WiFi repeater is plugged in. Let’s start the galaway access point setup-

  • Connect an ethernet cable between your router and the galaway access point. Now toggle the switch on it, to the Access point mode.
  • Next, we need to connect to Galaway_2.4GHz or Galaway_5GHz network names showing up in our WiFi list. On computer click on the WiFi icon on the bottom right corner, on MAC click on the WiFi icon on the top right corner, or on your phones go to settings then to WiFi and there you will see galaway network names.
  • Tap these network names to get connected, it won’t ask for the password. Also, it will come up as unsecured network and will see the internet may not be available.
  • Now open a browser and type ap.setup or in the address bar. This will take you to the galaway setup wizard.
  • Type username and password as “admin“. It is case sensitive you will have to type it all in lower case.
  • Select wizard option on the screen and then select the mode as access point mode.
  • It will now ask you to create an SSID and password for your Access Point. You will also have to select the relevant security type.
  • After applying these settings your device will be rebooted and you will be able to connect your phones, tv, Alexa, etc to the newly created Access Point.
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