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FIDECO Wi-Fi Booster

The FIDECO Wi-Fi Booster was released on November 25, 2020, by the FIDECO manufacturing company. It is most trending now due to its smart working. This FIDECO AC1200 wireless Booster is uniquely composed of air-conditioning holes toward both surfaces, which can accommodate more controlled working conditions for optimal performance including more extended life. This gives the 867Mbps speed on the 5GHz frequency bandwidth and also supplies the 300Mbps on the 2.4Ghz network frequency band. The FIDECO Wi-Fi Repeater is connected by excellent high-gain 4 outer antennas.

Its smart high-gradable antennas give indeed more desirable wireless connection performance and communication frequencies for a uniform online occurrence. A[art from this, you can too use this device Ethernet port to combine your Ethernet or wired connection enabling devices for added stability and more continuous connection, such as desktop, ingenious TV, online gaming consoles, etc. So, let’s use this wireless range extender to extend your existing wireless device network. If you want to know about “HOW TO USE THE FIDECO WIRELESS RANGE EXTENDER” then obtain all the instructions regarding this from below.

Valuable features of the FIDECO Range Extender

Below are key points that explain the FIDECO WiFi Booster Range Extender features. Let us know about all the features of this device.

  • The first of its great features is that it extends the WiFi coverage of your router to a very large area without any issue. It boosts the internet range up to 1200 square feet area and unites up to 20 devices.
  • The FIDECO extender is Compatible with a standard WiFi router, access point, & router. You can instantly connect it with your router network using the WPS pairing mode.
  • Moreover, enjoy the AC1200 (5GHz-867Mbps & 2.4GHz-300Mbps) dual-band speed to stream HD videos and transfer your files by this device at a faster speed.
  • The FIDECO Wi-Fi Repeater has 1 additional Ethernet port for your Ethernet-enabled devices. This is convenient & useful for you to get it united to your LAN port or wired devices for further enduring network connection.
  • The FIDECO AC1200 dual-band extender renders a high-speed wired link to your smart devices like computers, laptops, TV, and other gaming consoles, etc. It can additionally be applied to be an access point.
  • The most valuable feature of this wireless range extender is that it’s good for taking high Security & Encryption from your router network. This FIDECO Wi-Fi Extender brings some security features such as WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA & WPA 2, 64/128-bit WEP encryption best for the crucial level of security.
  • Unconditionally, it gives an unharmed and spontaneous wireless connection. Also, it can be used with virtually every router to extend your high-quality HD streaming and gaming skills, etc.

FIDECO Wi-Fi Booster Installation Guide

Do you want to know “How to install the FIDECO WiFi Range Extender? Hence, for this in below, all the steps are mentioned in detail, let’s use it and install your device precisely.

  • If you have recently purchased this device and you want to use it with your router, then first of all take it out of its box.
  • Apart from this FIDECO range extender, in its packaging box, you will also find some other accessories that come with it like the FIDECO range extender manual, Ethernet cable, etc.
  • Now, first of all, you have to read all the instructions, that are furnished inside the user manual and then plug it in the Wall outlet.
  • Make sure that it is placed between your router and its connecting device.
  • You wait for some time and press the AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Extender power button to turn on its power.
  • Now, you will see that its power indicator will light up with a yellow light, which indicates it is now working.
  • So, now go ahead and connect it to your router’s network.

These are the FIDECO WiFi Range Extender installation steps that all are mentioned above with a proper setup guide.

Connect Your Router with the FIDECO WiFi Booster Range Extender

Following are the steps to connect this FIDECO WiFi booster/extender with the router. Let’s do this:

  • First, plug the FIDECO wireless extender closer or closer to your router.
  • When its signal light starts flashing then you can connect it with your router.
  • Use your android phone and let’s use the pairing mode (WPS).
  • Connect first this extender with SSID, so locate first your device name under the WiFi settings.
  • Choose an option to connect to the internet via WPS mode and press your router’s WPS button and after this, also press your extender WPS button.
  • Both of them are pairing now with each other, so don’t stop this process.
  • The FIDECO WiFi extender connects with your router.
  • So, let’s connect your further devices with its network using the AP or repeater mode.

Steps for the FIDECO Wi-Fi Booster Setup

Below are the steps that are given to customizing the settings or to the FIDECO WiFi Range extender configuration. Let’s emulate these steps.

  • Launch the webpage on your computer and type Input this FIDECO WiFi extender default IP address in the URL.
  • Explore this and wait for a while until its admin page does not appear on your desktop screen.
  • Register the device and log in with the admin username or FIDECO Wi-Fi booster default password.
  • Finish the FiDECO WiFi Range Extender login credentials inserting process and click on the login option.
  • Now, locate your device name and pair your main hub router with SSID.
  • Insert your main hub password and click the next option.
  • Now, to customize or modify the settings of the network, kindly enter the wireless name for 2.4GHz or 5GHz and also type the password for one network connection.
  • Go ahead, change this device to another setting by following the on-screen instructions.

These are the aforementioned steps for the FIDECO AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Extender Setup. Let’s use it in a series and finish your device set up with their accommodations.

Must read the FIDECO WiFi Extender Manual Instructions

Following are the below-mentioned queries which answer mention with proper details in the FIDECO user manual. So, must read it and know about some of your queries.

Q1. How to use the FIDECO WiFi signal booster AP mode?

This mode is used while you have to connect this extender to the modem. Connect it with the modem by the Ethernet cable connection and connect your further enabling devices wirelessly with this extender network.

Q2. What are the steps to using the FIDECO Wireless booster repeater mode?

Pair your router with this extender via the WPS mode. After this, which router network generates successfully, then unite it with your wireless devices.

Q3. How to download the FIDECO range extender adapter-ac1200 drivers?

To install a driver for this wireless adapter, kindly go on this device web page and visit under settings or choose the latest version driver or download it for your Pc.

Q4. What should I do for the FIDECO range extender WiFi setup?

To customize the wireless settings of this extender, kindly visit the settings and emulate the on-screen instructions to finish this process.

Q5. Have an app for the FIDECO wireless range extender to control it?

You should install the FIDECO adapter app to control this range extender easily with the app.

Q6. Does the FIDECO Wi-Fi extender booster work with any router?

Obviously yes, this FIDECO range extender almost works with any kind of networking router.

Q7. How to use the FIDECO WiFi booster extender USB 3.0 port?

Use this wireless range extender USB 3.0 or LAN port to connect it with the internet connection of your modem or with the internet-enabling devices.

Q8. How to connect the FIDECO WiFi extender internet to a PC?

Open the network settings and choose your device name and customize the network settings first for your Pc through the web page and connect it with the finally your range extender network.

Q9. Can I use the FIDECO Wifi Booster app for PC?

Yes, you can use the FIDECO Wifi Booster app for PC.

Q10. Why do we need to use the FIDECO Wifi Booster adapter-ac1200 dual-band connection?

Use the FIDECO wireless connection to access the AC1200 dual-band connection. Obtain 867Mbps on the 5GHz and 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz connection.

Q11. How to update the FIDECO Wifi range extender Booster firmware?

To update this FIDECO wireless extender firmware, visit under settings and choose from here its latest version firmware and update it by following the on-screen instructions.

FIDECO Wi-Fi Range Extender Booster-AC1200 Troubleshooting tips

Following are the steps to settling all occurring issues of the FIDECO Wireless extender. That’s all are mentioned below.

(i) FIDECO WiFi Extender not working

Sometimes this device is working but due to an electrical issue in your house, it is not working. So to install it properly, please configure it with the correct power plug and also check that that electrical plug is working. Make sure this occurring issue has been resolved now.

(ii) FIDECO Wi-Fi Booster not connecting or no internet

If your networking range extender is not properly connected to the router’s network then your device will generate this issue. To resolve or fix this issue, kindly pair your router with this extender again.

(iii) Fideco wifi booster range extender keeps disconnecting

To solve this problem, you have a very simple solution that you have to close this range extender a bit near your router and modem. Surely, after this, your range extender issue might be automatically resolved.

(iv) Fideco signal booster signal light not flashing

In this situation, you have a better option to settle it, which is to reset the FIDECO extender. You have to do the following steps to reset the AC1200 wireless range extender booster.

Can I reset the FIDECO Wifi signal Booster factory default settings, but how?
  • First of all, turn off the power of the FIDECO Wi-Fi booster for a while.
  • After this, long press on the Fideco wireless range extender reset button and hold it just for three to fifteen seconds.
  • When the reset process is finished then, you will wait for a minute.
  • After this, see that its signal indicator light has to flash momentarily.
  • If it is flashing then connect it with the connection of your router network.

FIDECO Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

The FIDECO WiFi Booster Range Extender arrives with countless technologies and features. It is a very distinct and compact design wireless range extender. You can use or install this wireless booster within a second, just using the plug and play function. The Fideco AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Extender works with two modes one is the AP mode and another is the repeater mode. This WiFi Booster eliminates all of your router issues it may cover all dead zones including larger locations with a Coverage of 1200 sq. ft and instantly connects with 20 Devices. Its WiFi Repeater also supports the 1 Gigabit Port and 4 External Antennas to boost your network range easily. The customer review and ratings on this FIDECO wireless range extender are much better than another wireless range extender. If you think about buying this then try to use it with your main hub device to extend its network signal range.

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