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D-Link COVR-C1203 AC1200 Setup

With high-speed AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi and 11ac Wave 2 with MU-MIMO, COVR-C1203 is fast enough to support multiple devices undertaking everyday data-intensive tasks like HD streaming and video chats simultaneously. Perfect, if you’re just starting out in whole-home networking. We can Setup D-Link COVR-C1203 AC1200 via D-Link Wi-Fi App or through covr.local.

Q1: How would I Setup D-Link COVR-C1203 AC1200 Mesh system?

You have two methods to do this. D-Link WiFi App All you just follow the given steps:

  • Open your google play store and download the D-Link WiFi app.
  • Launch the app and install it.
  • While installing select the COVR-1203 then tap on the Next button.
  • Then select create a new COVR network option and tap next.
  • Now unplug the modem and plug the one of Ethernet cable to port 1 on COVR and plug the other plug into a modem.
  • Now power on your modem and connect the adapter.
  • Connect your mobile device with WIFI. This will connect PPPoE where you need to enter the name and password that is given by ISP.
  • Enter your WiFi name and password and tap on next.
  • Now follow up all the given details and save all the settings.
  • After done with all, finish your process and connect your devices.

D-Link COVR-C1203 AC1200 Setup Web UI

All you need to follow the given steps:

  • Take your adapter and connect it with COVR port 1.
  • Once it boots up to connect your computer with WiFi name.
  • Now type in the web browser http://covr.local./ and complete your setup after following on-screen information.
  • When you do log in it will start a wizard automatically. Now plug the Ethernet cable to port 1 of COVR router and another cable into modem.
  • The router will automatically detect the signals and it will ask you to enter PPPoE, details of WiFi.
  • Now enter the admin details of COVR devices and Tap on the Next button.
  • Save all the settings and your devices are connected.

Q2: Which of the two ports can be used as WAN port?

Both ports are supportive and spontaneously configure as WAN port. Remember, once it configured you cannot change it. If you want to do so then RESET the COVR Settings or reinstall the device using other docks.

Q3: Can I add more Covr Points to my network?

Yes! You can add multiple points to your network but not more than 6.

Q4: How large is the coverage range of COVR-C1203?

The coverage range of COVR-C1203 starts from 2000 square feet to 3500 square feet with different packs and models.

  • COVR-C1200 is a dual-band WiFi system with a single pack of 2000 Sq.ft.
  • COVR-C1202 is a dual-band WiFi system with a double pack of 3500 Sq.ft.
  • COVR-C1203 is a dual-band WiFi system with a triple pack of 5000 Sq.ft.

Q5: How do I log in to my COVR Router?

For login into COVR router first, ensure your laptop or Pc is connected with COVR Router. Now, follow the given steps:

  • Open the browser and enter “http://covr.local/”. Then login to Web UI using your login details.

Q6: Does COVR-C1203 support Alexa?

No. It does not support Alexa.

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