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Best water purifier in India

Nowadays, water purifiers are the essential need of every household for the fulfillment of our necessity for clean and healthy water. Due to the dumping of waste from companies, households, and unproper means of water storage, bacteria and chemical particles mix in the river which is very unhealthy for us, and that’s why we need a water purifier. Water purifiers are the most essential appliance that makes ensures clean and bacteria-free drinking water.
Water purifiers are available in many types in markets. One should know about the purification technique and storage capacity of RO water purifiers before buying them. Some water purifiers come with multi-stage water purification techniques including ‘RO+UV+MTDS’ which can be the most ideal choice for our kitchen.
By using a kind of membrane all unwanted molecules, large particles, and ions are isolated from drinking water, this process is called Reverse Osmosis (RO). For killing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and cysts without removing essential minerals from water to make them safe for drinking, a process is used called the Ultraviolet light technique (UV). To retain essential natural minerals in drinking water Manual TDS process is used.
In this article, we will tell you about the best water purifiers available in India. We also checked the TDS of the river Ganga and we were shocked to see the results. Although the river is polluted with so much industrial waste still the TDS was so much maintained. You can check the video of the whole experiment Checking Ganga water TDS live.

Points to consider while buying Water Purifiers

1) Multi-stage purification-

Many water purifiers are available on market with 1 stage, 2stage, and multi-stage water purification techniques. To reduce dissolved impurities, bacteria, viruses, and cysts and retain essential minerals as well, one should choose RO water purifiers with multi-stage water purification techniques like RO+UV+MTDS.

2) Storage

– According to our family size and needs, we must consider the inbuilt tank size. Ro water purifiers come in various ranges between 7 to 15 liters.

3) Cartridge life

– To reduce annual maintenance costs, we must look for long-lasting cartridge life which is measured in max liters of water that can be filtered per cartridge.

4) Installation and the services

-The decisive fact that must be considered before buying RO water purifiers are free installations, customer service, guarantee or warranty, and maintenance support.

5) Smart energy saving- provided by the company.

To reduce overall power consumption and save energy, there should be a sensor to shut off power once the water tank is full.

Best RO water purifiers in India:

1) Kent 11133 supreme RO water purifier

-We all know that Kent is a big name in the field of water purifier-making brands in India. This water purifier can even remove and dissolve impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides, and kills bacteria to make water purest with the goodness of copper. It has a multi-stage water purification technology which is RO+UV+UF+Copper+TDS.
You will get 8 liters water tank with 20 liters of water purification capacity per hour. We put this RO water purifier on 1st because it comes with zero water wastage technology which recirculates the rejected water to the overhead tank using its pump. It ensures that no drop of water is wastage during the purification process.

2)Eureka Forbes Aquasure

-This water purifier ensures the purest drinkable water. It comes with a multi-stage water purification technology which is RO+UV+MTDS filtration technology. As it boils water for 20 minutes, it ensures good health and safety. The taste adjuster (MTDS) regulator empowers change of taste contingent on the wellspring of water.
This water purifier has superior technology which saves 60% water during purification. It has 7 liters water storage capacity and you can also dispense filtered water without electricity. When the tank fills with water this RO has LED indication alerts which allow power cut automatically. You can also check the water level because of its transparent water tank.

3)V-Guard Zenora Water Purifier

-This RO water purifier has the maximum stage of water purification system which is 7, especially for Indian water conditions. You will get 7 liters water capacity tank on this purifier. Its buyer will also get an extra pre-filter and a one-year comprehensive warranty that covers RO membrane, filters, and electrical parts.
This RO water purifier removes TDS, heavy metals& microbes and provides an extra level of safety due to its advanced RO membrane with a wide surface area for better water flow & higher efficiency and advanced hollow fiber UF membrane.

4)RK Aqua fresh India Az series K200

– The brand’s expectations in terms of functionality are completely fulfilled by The RK Aqua Fresh RO water purifier. This water filter also has 7 liters water capacity tank which is extremely transparent through which you can take a glance at the water level. This filter is not big that takes a lot of room, you can easily fit it into every corner.
This water purifier model takes very low power consumption in contrast to other brands. You will get a pre-filter in this RO water purifier which saves money.

5)Blue Star Aristo

– The Blue Star Aristo AR4BLAMO1 water purifier comes with RO + UV + UF water purification system. This water purifier is specially built to fit into any room and as a result, it saves space. It has 7 liters water capacity tank. This water purifier is mostly suitable for borewell water because it can easily remove microbes and hard water TDS. Due to its multi-stage water purification system, it kills all the bacteria and viruses which contain in water. Blue Star Aristo does not remove any minerals from the water so the water is healthy to drink as well.

6)Proven Alkaline + ORP with Active Copper RO water purifier

– This water purifier also has a multi-stage water purification system in it which is a RO+ UV + TDS controller. It is India’s only water purifier that adds the correct amount of Copper to 100% healthy RO water. It improves the immune system because it has copper’s virtue. Its Alkaline water purifier RO membrane works up to 1500 TDS filtration limit. This water purifier has 12 liters water storage capacity and can be easily placed on any wall. It also has dual water dispensing system.

7) Kent Maxx

– This RO water purifier also has a multi-stage water purification system and it comes with a detachable storage tank. It uses several UV + UF purification processes which are ideally fit for domestic use and tap water supply since it is wall mounted. This water filter fully flushes out dead bacteria, viruses, and cysts which results in pure drinking water because it uses a UV purification process followed by a hollow fiber UF membrane.
You can easily clean its water storage tank because it is detachable and it saves the costs of service of a technician. This filter also removes bad odor and taste due to its activated carbon pre-filter, resulting in filtered water that is nutritious, delicious, and safe to drink.

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