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about us

Here at we provide you step by step guide to help you configure your router and repeater by using ap.setup link. This is a informational website and we have tried to provide you with best of knowledge as per our research. In case you want to add new information to the website or in case you want to change any information then reach us through our contact us form.

We started this website as a informational blog. And it has now helped thousands of people worldwide to setup their devices. Follow the home page of “” to understand ap.setup login, firmware update, troubleshooting, etc. In case you own Galaway, Coredy, Victony, MSRM, Wavlink, etc then follow the blogs for complete knowledge.

We would like to improve our blogs so if you would like to give us update about any other latest device that we should cover then kindly reach us through “Contact us” form. We have tried to cover every aspect of repeater on this website from its features to troubleshooting and review.

So, it all started when I bought wavlink device and tried looking for its setup instructions online. I was not able to find much information on google but yes found very useful video on youtube.

Then I casually posted it on and then slowly I kept on posting on regular intervals. When people thanked me for my blogs I use to feel content. So, Now after few years I always try to update these blogs on regular basis, in order to help. I wish you guys good health, stay safe, stay home, Lets fight covid19 together.