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Ap.setup helps you to login to your wifi-range extender with the help of the browser. After unboxing your device make sure you have a working internet router before we start the ap.setup login. In case this URL isn’t working for you, try in the address bar which also takes you to the setup page. Let’s begin the setup now

AP setup via a browser
  • Plugin your extender closer to the router may be in the same room or 5-10 feet away from the router.
  • Now connect your devices like computer/phone to the extender wifi network.
  • For 2.4GHz it shows as “Wireless-N” for 5GHz it shows as “Wireless-AC”.
  • Go to your wifi list and connect to one of these networks showing up in your WiFi.
  • Once connected the ap setup wizard automatically comes up as soon as you open the browser.
  • In case setup wizard doesn’t come up, open a browser and in the address bar at the top of the page, type http://ap.setup or It takes you to the extender login page.
  • On the setup, page click on the option of how you would like to setup the repeater. For example, choose “extender” or “access point” according to your need.
  • Once the online setup is done, you can unplug it and place it at the place where you need the internet.

Ap setup via WPS

  1. For this setup, you need to place the extender in the same room, because if it will be far away then either the extender won’t get connected to the router or else it might take it longer than expected time for configuration.
  2. Now locate the WPS button on the repeater, press, and hold it for around 2 seconds and you will see a blinking light on it.
  3. Push a WPS button available on your router, in case your router’s WPS is disabled then login into your router. Go to wireless settings then to WPS and enable the WPS from there first.
  4. WPS lights on both the devices the extender and the router will blink for around 10-15 seconds.
  5. After successful configuration, the WPS light on the router will stop blinking and the internet and WPS light on the repeater will turn solid.
  6. In case your router doesn’t support WPS use ap.setup for setup.

Not able to login ap.setup?

Ap.setup is an offline page which you will be able to access only after you are connected to your extender/router/ap device. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a repeater, router, outdoor access point, etc what you have to do is connect to the network and then acces the login page.

You can do this by going into your wifi list on your phone/laptop and there you will need to connect to the WiFi network name of the respective device that you want to extend. Now, once connected open a browser on the very same device and in the address bar type http://ap.setup or you can even try default IP addresses like,, If still you are not able to login into the ap setup page then follow these troubleshooting steps:

 setup wavlink
  • When trying to login into the setup page make sure you type http://ap.setup instead of just ap.setup.
  • Try changing the browser or updating it.
  • Before logging onto the setup make sure you are connected to the device WiFi network name(“Wireless-N”, “Wireless-AC”, “Wavlink”, “MSRM”, “Victony”.
  • Reset the device in case you are not able to access the ap setup page.
  • You also try the WPS setup instead of web browser setup by pushing WPS button on the router ad within 2 minutes push the WPS present on the device that you want to extend.
  • Unplug the extender or your device that you are trying to setup for around 60 seconds and then try the setup URL again.

Wavlink extender setup via http://ap.setup or

We can setup wavlink extender via ap.setup by following the steps mentioned below. Wavlink have different model that can be setup using browser. Some of the common models are AC600, AC1200, Wavlink AC2100, ARIEAL G AC1200, AC1200 WL-WN579X3, etc. Let’ start the proces:

  • First of all connect your device to the power outlet close to your router and wait for power LED to turn stable. When the device is solid that means we can start the setup.
  • Now toggle the switch on the repeater to the “repeater mode”.
  • Grab any of your laptop/phone etc and go to the WiFi list. There you will find the network name as “wireless-AC” or “Wireless-N” or simply just “Wavlink_Extender”. Connect to it, you wont’ need any password for the very first time as it is open network.
  • Now open any updated browser like (google, safari, firefox) and in the address bar or URL type ap.setup or Depending upon the wavlink repeater model number you can try these setup url. In case these don’t work type to login into wavlink extender setup page.
  • Once it redirects you to the login page, type “admin” or both username and password. It should be typed in lower case.
  • On the setup interface you will need to select the network that you want to extend and type it’s password and hit next.
  • Lastly, after folowing the on screen instructions your device will restart and you will be able to connect to the extended network showing in the WiFi list as (SSID_EXT). The password for this network will be same as your router’s WiFi password.

Kogan Wi-Fi Range Extender N300

Kogan Wi-Fi repeater helps you to extender the home network & boost the speed up to 300Mbps. It comes with universal compatibility which allows to work with any wireless router, gateway, modem with wi-fi.

How to setup this Kogan Wi-Fi Repeater as Router mode or as an Access mode

Router Mode :-
  • PPPoE :- Enter the user name & password provided by your Internet Service Provider which should be in a case sensitive
  • Static Ip :- In this you need to enter the Ip address, subnet mask, Default gateway & DNS
  • Dynamic Ip:- In this the device will get the Ip address from your ISP DHCP Server
router mode

The Device gets the Ip address automatically from your host router or ISP DHCP Server

Browser Setup

Browser Setup
  • First Plugged in the extender to the power outlet near to the Router
  • Switch the device on to the repeater mode
  • Once the light turn in green then click on the bottom right corner & click on wi-fi icon
  • Now connect your device on to the Wireless N
  • Launch a web browser and type http://ap.setup / Enter admin in username & password. It should be in lower case
  • Now click on Wizard then choose your wi-fi network which you want to extend. Either use the same SSID or you can create new network name
  • Verify your wireless settings then click on Connect. Once the light stay solid then you can unplug the device & move it

WPS Setup (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

  • Turn on the extender
  • Switch the button on to the Repeater mode on the extender
  • Make sure Kogan extender should be plugged in within the range of your Router
  • Press & hold the WPS Button for 5 seconds on the extender
  • Now press the WPS Button on the router, It will start configuration
  • Once the light turn in solid green then you can relocate the Kogan extender about half way between the router & the Dead zone area
WPS Setup

How to change the Login password of Kogan Wi-fi repeater through Web browser

  • Click on “Wi-Fi”
  • Go to http://ap.setup and you need to enter the default password admin
  • Click Setup > Login Password
  • Type old password then enter New Password and click Apply
  • You need to use the new password for future login

How to upgrade the firmware in Kogan wi-Fi repeater

Firmware upgrade is very important to fix bugs related to the device, If the device is working good then you don’t need to upgrade it.

  • You need to login in your repeater
  • Click Setup > Upgrade Firmware
  • Click Apply & wait for few minutes

Note : Please do not touch or unplug the device, It may cause the firmware upgrade to fail & turn the device unusable

Still Unable to Find the Solution?

Check out our help blogs for quick fixes to any setup related issues.

MECO Wi-Fi Repeater

MECO Wi-Fi range extender -1200Mbps, Wi-Fi booster which is compatible with any Wireless network. is the default Ip address for this extender

  • MECO extenders extend the range of your network into Dual band Wi-Fi up to 1200Mbps
  • It can find the ideal location to get the ideal Wi-Fi coverage, no need to connect with ethernet cable its simple and beautiful
  • Meco extender boost your existing Wi-Fi & Provide best wireless speed, range & connectivity
  • It comes with Router, Access Point, Repeater, Client work mode.
  • This Meco repeater has two Ethernet port enables wired connection
    External antennas gives you better coverage & good speed


  • First step, Meco extender should plugged in to the wall
  • Once you will have blinking blue light on it, Then press the WPS button on the extender & within next 1Minute you need to press it on the router as well
  • Once the Light turn to Solid, Try to connect any Wi-Fi device with the extender.
  • Once the device connected to the extender network then try to open any website to make sure it’s working or not

Manual Setup

  • Meco extender should plugged in to the wall
  • Now grab any of your Wi-Fi enable device & connect it to the Meco repeater network from the wi-fi network list
  • Once the device got connected to the meco network then open a browser & in the address bar type ap.setup or
  • Type admin in both username & password box
  • Select your main wi-fi network name which you want to extend
  • Once you will see all the lights turn to solid then open your wi-fi settings & search for extended network & connect your smartphone or laptop to the extended network
  • Once its configured then you can unplug it & move it at the place where you want to place
meco setup

MECO AC750 WiFi Repeater

Meco AC750 repeater is powered by dual band of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It is equipped with two external antennas which make it possible to cover in 360 degree. At this price range it is unbelievable since this Meco repeater comes with three modes i.e. Router mode, Repeater Mode, and AP mode. It is provided with WAN/LAN which is unique feature since mainly extender doesn’t comes with the WAN port. Lets start the MECO AC750 repeater setup:

meco ac750 setup

Meco repeater setup via

  • Firstly plugin your Meco repeater in a wall outlet.
  • Once the power LED turns solid, look for “2.4G_MECO_xxx”or “5G_MECO_xxx” in your WiFi list.
  • With your laptop or cellphone connect to Meco default network in your list.
  • Open a browser(google, firefox, safari) and in the URL type
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete Meco AC750 repeater Setup.

Meco AC750 Repeater setup via WPS

  • For this setup the repeater and router sould be plugged in the same room.
  • Power on the repeater and one the power light is solid push the WPS button on it.
  • You must within 2 mins press the WPS button on the router.
  • Once the wps light on the Meco extender turns solid it confirms that extender is successfuly configured.
  • Use your router’s password to connect to Meco extender network.

To setup meco ac750 as access point

  • For this setup plugin an ethernet cable from repeater to the LAN port on the router.
  • Now connect to extender’s default network name i.e. “2.4G_MECO_xxx”or “5G_MECO_xxx”.
  • Once connected open a browser and type in the browser.
  • It will ask you about the operation mode, select “access point” there.
  • Once setup is completed unplug it and take it at the location where you need internet.